Ancient Ashmore

As Ashmore Farmhouse, naturally rinded and then aged for a minimum of 15 months.

Ashmore Chilli

Cold smoked using oak chippings for depth of taste without compromising texture.

Ashmore Mustard

The subtle flavour of mustard grains married with a younger, gentler cheese.

Ashmore Smoked

Cold smoked using oak chippings for depth of taste without compromising texture.


Brie style British Friesian cows milk cheese.

Canterbury Cobble

A children’s favourite with plenty to keep the adults interested.


Award-winning camembert-style British Friesian cow’s milk cheese.

Cowslip Butter

Our own Dargate butter made with Kingcott cream and Maldon salt.

Dargate Dumpy

British ewe’s milk camembert style matured for two to six weeks.


Naturally rinded brine-washed Kentish goat’s milk cheese matured for two to four months.


Naturally rinded cheddar style British ewe’s milk cheese with a slight sweetness.

Our hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses are made by hand using traditional, labour-intensive methods – because that’s the way we like it. We use vegetarian rennet, and produce both pasteurised and unpasteurised ranges. See our retail price list.

Hard Cheese

The hard, unpasteurised cheeses are made in the style of cheddar and after milling are wrapped in muslin and pressed for two days in original 19th century presses. They are then unwrapped and placed “nude” on old pine shelves in the dairy’s maturing room for at least five months for Ashmore Farmhouse and three months for Kelly’s Goat and Ramsey. Each cheese is turned and stroked daily to produce the unique natural rind.

Soft Cheese

The soft pasteurised cheeses – Bowyer’s, Chaucer’s and Dumpy – are made and matured much quicker. Once the curd is cut it is hand-ladled into moulds of varying sizes and allowed to drain overnight. The next day they are taken from the moulds, turned, and salted by hand, and on day 3 they are turned onto racks, salted and put into the maturing room.

After a week the distinctive white “furry” coating begins to appear on the cheeses. When ready they are wrapped in white breathable paper to keep maturing until they reach the customer’s preferred level of ripeness.


We are hugely proud to have had our cheeses recognised with prestigious accolades including:

Ashmore Farmhouse – 2011 World Cheese Awards Super Gold Medal – one of the top 50 cheeses in the world; 2010 World Cheese Awards Bronze Medal.

Chaucers – 2014 Great Taste Awards 3 stars and rated a top 50 product out of 10,000 food entries.  Gruff and Ashmore were also awarded coveted 2 and 1 star awards.

Kelly’s Goat – 2008 British Cheese Awards Gold Medal.